Microsoft / Bing Ads Connector

Connect your Microsoft / Bing Ads account to your Google Looker Studio report and start builing amazing visualizations.

Available fields and how you can use them

We always work on making our service better, if you’d like us to add more metrics, dimensions, or breakdowns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].
  • Date
  • Ad Group Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Currency
  • Device Type
  • Language
  • Status
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  • Revenue
  • ROAS
  • Spend
  • Quality Score
  • Impressions
  • Impression Share
  • CTR
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • Cost per conversion
  • COS (Cost of sale)
  • Conversions
  • Conv. rate
  • Clicks
  • Average position
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Take your Looker Studio report to the next level.

Visualize Microsoft / Bing Ads data & gain valuable insights.

Using a connector for Microsoft / Bing has many benefits. In addition to the possibility to join your Microsoft / Bing ads data together with e.g revenue from Google Analytics, you can also see your performance data from different view points. Microsoft / Bing Ads, for example – never measures last click events. So the action data Microsoft / Bing shows might never even have occured on the same click to your website. However, as Microsoft / Bing is a so called “outreach” channel, you may gain other extremely valuable insights about how your advertising affects your overall result. We made sure to include multiple of these so called “attribution windows”, so you can understand how much revenue can be attributed to Microsoft / Bing given different time frames. Good huh??

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